My first escort job in Paris – part 1

It happened once, that my escort agency called me if I would like to go to Paris for a week, for an escort job. They also told me that I have to be careful working as one of the escorts in Paris, because it is not fully legal to work there like that.

They told me what I will need to bring with me, and the time I should stay there. This escort agency promotes me in Paris for free, which is great. I could get a lot of bookings through them. Therefore, I have to pay for my Paris hotels and plane ticket, but usually it’s not more than 1000-1500 euros, which comes back easily. In this matter, they choose safe Paris hotels, and they make the bookings for me.

Escorts in Paris work in a beautiful city

Paris escort girls are lucky to work in such a beautiful city as is. It’s the city of love! Full of amazing things to see… The Moulin Rouge, is the most magical and mysterious place on Earth for me. It has it’s own secrets, and stories to tell. I have always wanted to visit and never dared to work there. It is a super romantic place. Paris escorts are really exceptional in the world of the many escort agency girls. It has something special in it. I was about to experience it on my own skin. Finally.
Escorts in Paris have elegant circumstances

The day arrived. I was excited at the airport already. The stewardesses were elegant, with a French accent. I love it. The plane was there in about 2 hours. I took a fast train to the center, then a taxi outside to my secret hotel. Paris hotels are beautiful and elegant. Even the plain ones. So after arriving to the location, I checked in. I was careful with my outfit, because they shouldn’t have realized, I was about to do some Paris escorts stuff. I went to my room. It had a nice little bathroom, and a small terrace with a view to a romantic garden.

Escorts in Paris should work with professional escort agencies

The escort agency takes care of my clients, and jobs. They receive the calls first, than they forward the schedule to me. So this is how happened this time too. Got a call from my agency, that I have to be ready by 7 pm for a client. He will wait for me in a cab outside of my hotel. So this is how French escorts do? – I thought. Ok. I was ready, and he was there exactly at 7 pm in front of the entrance. I got in. He was a man in his forties. I introduced myself, so as he. He seemed polite, and friendly. He said, he doesn’t usually take escort girls out, but this time it was a special case for him.

Escorts in Paris may go to nice restaurants as well

We went to a nice restaurant in the center. I was a bit hungry, so I was happy for this stop. We got the table. Started to chat next to a nice glass of red wine. We talked about everything. I was really surprised how gentleman he was. The dinner was great. So as the vine. After that, he asked me if I would mind going to his place? At first I was worried a little, but then again, why not. Im an adult, one of the escorts in Paris. This is what I had to do. He called a taxi, and we left downtown…

Stay here, to hear to rest of my story. Till next. Bye

Mature escorts

In this lesson, we are going to talk about mature escorts. Escorts over 30. If you are not the youngest in this business, don’t get frustrated. There is life after 30! Indeed! There are many clients, who has mother complex, or just simply likes women who are dominant, or more dominant than them. They like to be directed, and ruled by them. Most of the cases, it comes from their childhood. I’m not here to be the psychologist, but that’s a fact. The root cause is always the cases of lack of love. So mature escorts have a great opportunity!

Mature escorts are experienced

So what you need to give them is power, and a lot of love. Being one of the mature escorts or MILFs over 30, you have just enough of life experience, to know what you have to do. When meeting a client younger than you, and you realize, that he needs a mature escort, you have to treat him somewhat like he is your little boy. Someone, who had a bad day at school, and needs pampering, comfort, and love from you. Be always very kind, sweet, but determinate. He has to feel, that he can count on you, and you are there for him no matter what. When going out to a restaurant, make him feel, that you are taking him out. Sometimes they like you to sort out the bill as well, obviously you charge him later for that too. Just for the feeling of it. Mature escorts are caring.

Mature escorts are usually caring and dominant

You can make the order for him too, or ask about the vine, to decide what you having for dinner. It is sound strange, but this is how they desired to feel. This is what they have been missing from their life. A carrying mother. A real woman. So you give them what they want. That’s why you are one of the mature escorts. They want to look up to you! Be proud of you! Talk about your goals, and things you have reached in your life. Always be emphatic about your things. That will make him look up to you!

Mature escorts rule in the bed

During sex, they want to feel dominated by you. An escort over 30 can give them exactly what they want. Make foreplay long, and enjoy it too. Give extra attention to his penis! Stroke him constantly, to make him comfortable. Usually these boys are insecure about themselves. So its necessary to praise them as often as you can. On your comment, you will feel, that they are more relaxed, and comforted by you. This is what they need. Mature escorts now this. You have to be the leader during sexual intercourse. You have to do most of the job. There are many different type of client. This is neither of an exception. When blessing them, look them into their eyes, and sound crediting.

If you do great as a mature escort, you will see the positive outcome, the positive results straight away in their way of releasing their complexes, fears, and uncertainties. When kissing them, use both of your hands to hold their head. Don’t forget… They are your little sons. When you do good as an escort over 30, the reward wont be missed.

Enjoy being one of the professional mature escorts! It can be fun too!

Escorting an elegant client

In this lesson, I’m gonna talk about the escort behavior, when you have to deal with an elegant client. Class is essential in the escort life. No one wants to show up with cheap looking girls, because it’s obviously putting them to a grade that they don’t want to be in. They want to look elegant, classy and gentleman like. That’s why they took you, as their escort for the night.

Elegant clients need elegant escort girls

In an event of a date with an elegant client, you have to make sure, that you look pretty, clean, simple and desired. Don’t wear cheap looking shoes or tawdry-colored make up. If you have dark shaded eye lids, don’t make your lips strong too. Try to wear matching colors and styles in your outfit. Too short, not necessary means sexier. The hair should be up in a pony tail, or let down, but the most important fact is freshly washed.

Nails girls! High class escort girls don’t wear too long fake nails! The more natural, is the better. It is quite out of fashion. They want you to look elegant, not too artifical: When meeting with their friends, partners, they want to give the impression, that you are maybe his woman, not his whore for the night. (They might want to fuck you like one, but not to show up with you like one).

Be prepared to attend business meetings as an escort

After the appearance of an escort with an elegant guest, I’m going to talk about the manners when escorting one. If the meeting involves other people: For example, his friends, or business partners. Always make sure, you stay at the back. Don’t be too loud, or ringing. Only say your opinion about the topic, when asked. Not because you are stupid, or amateurish, but simply because they want to feel important, and dominant.

They will ask you if they sure you have a set idea about something, that they can be proud for you to say that. To speak one or two foreign language, is necessary. At least one to speak, the second one to understand and able to answer in a basic way. If the escort date does not include other people, then focus on him! Make him feel, that whatever he is talking about, is interesting for you! Act natural! Smile a lot! Physical contact is necessary. Sometimes touch his hands, or when walking next to each other, put your arms around him.

Have an elegant posture as an escort

Your posture is determining! Don’t stand or sit hunchbacked! It is very disappointing and a major turn off. An escort should be a proud elegant and important woman. Not only in this moment but actually in general life too. When excusing yourself for the bathroom, do that quietly and classy.

It is forbidden to swear at any point of the date! Women don’t swear! Especially elegant women. Pay attention to that! Flirting is part of your job. Smiling too! About smiling, and oral hygiene: It is needless to say, that clean white teeth is one of the key to be well groomed. If you have bad breath, obviously that’s a turn off too! Make sure, you get your teeth checked every 6 month!

That’s it for today’s lesson for escorting an elegant client. It seems to pay a lot of attention, but at the end of the day, it is worth keeping up with it. Good luck, enjoy Girls!

How I fell in love with a client

We’ll begin by making a few encouragements then we move on to another escorting experience of mine! I hope you agree with my proposal. 🙂 I admit that it makes me feel good when I am praised by my clients, I see comments about their experience with me, or their face happily! It’s nice to do a number of people so happy, believe me you will be happy about that feedback! It fills you with joy. It’s nice to know you can bring so much fulfillment in one’s heart. A good idea is to get involve your client to your personal area, things will be easier.

Create a feeling of friendship, you’ll be more relaxed and will provide better service, especially as you can discuss details excite him the most. You want to bring something new, always play another role, one that you think would suit your client. Test and imagination are the key! Your work is like a game that lasts an hour or a night, depending on the situation, sometimes more. No need to play a role forever, everything has a time!

I do my best to be the perfect woman who takes him to heights permitted, full of passion and inventiveness! It’s not hard if you get involved a bit, it’s gonna sound a child’s play! 🙂

The escort girl who fell in love with her client

Today I will tell something nice, something that can happen to you! An escort meets people, has to be with the cutest or ugliest, but all are our clients. But what you do when you find a nice customer who likes you a lot and often require you to be with them?

I have met such client and I must admit that I’ve already had in my dreams to have a life with him. He knew to behave like a gentleman and knew to turn me on when we were in bed. He was a daring customer! He knew what he wanted from life, he knew to dress well, actually he was perfect as a man wanted by all the girls! He invited me to his house, he had no wife. He complained that he had a girlfriend but she was so happy with him, though he gave her everything. It was an advantage for me!

I thought that if he asks me so often he certainly feels something, not to say I drew a heart with him when we were in the sauna in our hotel room. Yes! I drew a heart on the glass door! I thought it was very nice, though I understood that it meant something to him … We went often on vacations, walked everywhere, I was always wondering why he left his girlfriend at home. Was only one reason: I made him to feel something for me.. So I let my mind dreaming, was so beautiful …

I felt like a princess with him! While he was busy with his business, I went for a shopping with the money he left in the room, relaxed at a spa or beauty saloon! I wanted to be beautiful for him! This can happen to you, and you never know.Maybe you’re the lucky girl who conquers the perfect client with her ​​secrets and will be asked to marry him! I hope you enjoyed my story…

Girls, how beautiful life is! Live to the fullest, as if it were the last day of your life! Until next time, I kiss you!

When dreams come true – part 2

Hi, Dan. Im Suzanne. Thanks for asking. I had a strange dream about a handsome guy, who took an advantage of a sleeping innocent woman. I’m really sorry – he said – I couldn’t resist of your beauty, I had to feel you inside. She smiled, and blushed, and offered him a glass of wine on the terrace. He accepted it gladly. As they were walking towards the balcony, she still couldn’t believe how the quiet, self centered vacation turned out to be such a fascinating and exciting adventure. They sat down, facing the beautiful picture. The Sun was about to set. Colored the whole landscape in a reddish shade. Somehow this weird moment of guilt, naughtiness and heat, turned out to be a romantic scenery. As they were sipping on the wine, the uncomfortable silence broke. They started to talk.

About general things. Where are they roots coming from, what they do for living, if they have any kids (as for Suzanne could have been easily as she was a grown up woman) or simply what they enjoy about life the most. When she spoke, he listened with an interested look on his face, but rather being polite than actually being interested about the story. Only one thing could interest him after this point. To fuck her again. Now that the first impression was so delightful, he wanted it again, and again. Probably, he couldn’t hide his true feelings, because, she stopped with her story. Straight away she understood, what he wants, and she wanted the same thing. She was barefoot. Wearing the same transparent linen dress from before. Her nipples were standing out, not hiding her desires whatsoever.

She came close. Gave her a soft kiss on his lips. He did not move. He still couldn’t believe how amazing this woman is, and how she drive the situation again into something so sexy. He softly stroked her legs, lifting her dress up. She did not put her underwear back on. The top of his dick was standing out his jeans. He was so aroused that he could not hide it any longer. She couldn’t wait either. She sat in his lap. While he was grabbing her beautiful round bottom, she escaped his dick out of his jeans. With the same movement, she sat on it with her wet pussy. It slid in her so easily. They both moan quietly. As she stared to move up and down, her nipples were teasing him constantly. He bit on hers softly. She loved it.

She held his head while he was licking around her tight nipples. In the window, she could see the reflection of the glowing Sun. Everything was perfect. She started to breath faster, and moved with the same rhythm. Fucking him was just like receiving a fresh meat. Some incredible fresh energy, just what she needed. In the moment of realizing this, she came so loud, she was grateful for not having anyone around the ambit. Listening her moan, made him come even harder. She kisses him again, and sat back in her chair. They were both quiet for minutes. Just enjoyed the scenery of the sunset, and the feeling of this incredible Sunday afternoon on the countryside. Have a good weekend Folks! Do something worth while to remember for 😉 Till next.

When dreams come true – part 1

Somehow one of the best sex can happen when You have a great siesta, or just right after an afternoon sleep. It happened once, when I was on a vacation on a country side. I needed some time on my own. Really didn’t want to have any companion, or anyone disturbing me in any meanings.

So I rented a small cottage with a nice view on the hillside. The house was very romantic, and cozy. Just what I needed after a tough month at the office. I planned to stay there for a couple of days, didn’t really set any specific date for the return, and the owner agreed to the open check out.

Every day I started my days with a nice walk, or even a yoga session, followed with a nice and healthy breakfast. This was always a great jumpstart for my mood. I thought a lot about my life, my path, where I’m going to, what have I done right, or wrong, but never had any regret whatsoever. At the afternoons, I went for a run in the neighborhood, and the nights I usually spent reading a great book about some sentimental life stories.

As I was doing my daily routine at the cottage one day, I noticed a car pulled over close by. Curiously I walked there to ask if I can help in something. The driver opened the door, and stood in front of me with his great masculine body. He was a man, in his twenties. Cute face with a two days old beard. Just how I like it. He greeted me politely, and he told me he will stay in the house close by, cause he is a kind of caretaker around these permisses, and only staying for a couple of days, until he finishes his work.

He also said, If I need anything, I must just come next door, even just for a talk with a nice glass of wine. I said thank You for his kindness, and said bye. He left. I went back to the house, and continued my daily routine of meditating, and reading. As I was reading, couldn’t help myself thinking of his amazing body, and fantasizing of doing sexy stuff with this new coming stranger.

My idea of this relaxing and lonely vacation, was gone with a second. All I wanted was to feel his hard and sexy muscles on top of me. As I was fantasizing, somehow I fall asleep. It was a tiring day, although not much happened, but yet so much. I was dreaming that this new coming stranger was knocking at my door, but I was so deeply in asleep, that I just kept dreaming on. I might’ve even heard the terrace door to close behind him.

He said “hello”, but no answer come back to him. He came in the bedroom. Stood there for a second, or even for minutes, I’m not sure. He was so amazed by her beauty, sleeping in her seethrough linen dress, he couldn’t resist, he had to touch her back. He started to stroke her hair. Went close to smell her. She moved. He stopped for a second, but kept continue. His hands were going down on her back, her ass. She had nice and tight skin, and he hardly ever seen such beautiful legs like hers. He pulled up her dress. Over her tight ass. She had a sexy white lace slip on. His dick was so hard already.

He didn’t really care if she would wake up and kick him out. He just had this instinct in him to make he his lover. He carefully pulled her underwear on the side, and slipped his cock inside her pussy. In this moment, she woke up. She was surprised, that what she fantasized about, actually came true, and she is not dreaming anymore. It was her dream came true. She felt his big dick sliding in and out of her wet vagina.

As she was laying on her tummy, she still couldn’t see him, just feel every movement as her dream continues. She pushed herself up on her knees, and pushed her pussy against his dick as much as she could. He was blown away by her reaction. He thought what an amazing surprise, he did not think about this morning. They were both enjoying the sudden unthinkable situation to the fullest. She turned finally, to have a good look at him. His body was sweaty and brown. She could see in his eyes, that he looks at her as an amazing real woman, he probably never had experienced anything similar before.

She pulled his dick out. She wanted to feel it in her mouth.. this young fresh huge cock. She hold it, stroked it, and slowly started to lick around it, before she sucked it all in. He couldn’t really held on longer. He came hard in her mouth, and she swallowed it right away, as a serum of youth. They had not much to say to each other, just yet. He said, “Hi! Im Dan. Did You have a nice siesta?”

Sex in the lake

When we decided to go down to the lake, to have a swim, I had a small thought in my mind…we might get naughty in the water and have sex in the lake. As we walked further towards the middle of it, it get deeper and deeper, up until the point, when we couldn’t walk anymore, so we started to swim. As I was swimming, I felt the cold water slipping into my pussy, and it made me feel horny for a little wet sex in the lake. I wanted to be a real whore in that moment with my boyfriend!

Sex in the lake makes me wet

We took the mattress with us, so I jumped on top of it. He pushed it in front of him as he was swimming and tossing me further towards the open water. I looked over between my spread legs, and I had the vision of him going down on me and we start to have sex in the lake. I wished it to happen it so badly, my pussy got wetter and wetter. I saw it in his eyes, that he couldn’t wait to put his tongue between my labia, and lick it and play with it deeply and passionately. To tease him, I pulled my bikini over one side, so he could have a good look at it. I started to stroke it slowly, and I was looking in his eyes while I was having fun for him. My breath got heavier and louder while we started to have sex in the lake.

Sex in the lake is naughty

He couldn’t concentrate in swimming anymore, so he asked me to slide into the water. He came behind me, and he pulled me close to him. I felt his hard dick pushing against my bikini slip as he wanted to have sex in the lake. I arched my bum, so he could feel my pussy too. He quickly slip out of his swim suit, and helped me to get out of my bikini bottom too. It was such a sexy and smooth feeling to be naked in the water and have sex in the lake. I climbed up on the side of the mattress so he could have a great look on my pussy and my ass. I was leaning on it, and my hands were in the water in front of me. The scenery was amazing. I hade the whole shore in front of me, and some beautiful sailing boat coming close to us, which was bizarre and naughty as we started to have sex in the lake.. I was imagining that someone is watching us with a binocular, and I didn’t care. As I was imagining this, I felt his tongue slipping in my pussy, and just going crazy there. He couldn’t help himself just licking it for so long, we didn’t realize that we got further in to the middle of the lake. The situation got so bizarre, and even more sexy and dangerous, that as I looked at him, we both had the same crazy idea, that we have to continue. Not knowing what’s below us, made it even more sexy to have sex in the lake. I slipped further down so he could reach my pussy. He penetrated me. Everything was so wet, and hot and cold in the same time. The ships were passing us, and I created naughty thoughts as he was going in and out of me.

Sex in the lake is crazy and wet

After some heavy minutes of crazy wet sex in the lake, he was coming hard in my pussy. When he pulled it out, I saw his cum all over the water. We started to swim back towards the shore, and we both had a same naughty smile on our face. After a couple of hundred meters, he asked for his shorts… We lost it along the way! We stayed in the water, even when it was so shallow, that people looked at us funny. We let the air out of the mattress, and he covered himself with it, as we ran all the way to the car. It was such a nice, sexy, funny, and summery experience. That’s what summer for… I would say .. 😉 till next… By Guys

Escort girl! Increase your earnings!

Hi again! As I think you’ve already realized, with my lessons I want to teach you some of the things that you should or you shouldn’t do if you are an escort girl. First of all, a good escort girl needs to have self respect. What does it mean? It means that, after you showed everybody that you are one of the best escort girl: very good services, super attitude, perfect look, well dressed, very good reviews, you have to talk with your escort agency to increase your rates. Maybe you don’t even have to talk. A professional escort agency knows exactly how much her girls worth.

Sell your image as an escort girl

As I told you before, a good escort girl needs to know that she’s selling an image! Her image… How can we earn more and more with our own image? Today we will talk about how we have to increase our earnings. I’m always telling you that you have to satisfy your clients. For this, you need to have the best services, but a nice appearance as well. You need to invest in yourself, in your look, in your body, in everything that is your image as a professional escort girl. A customer who sees an escort girl with a perfect body who is well dressed, with a nice face, will never close the door in your face. He will never leave without trying your services also. And if you can prove him that your services are at the highest standards, he will be your client for many years.

The best escort girls have grateful customers

The good part is that escort customers are not selfish. Some of them… They will always talk on the forums, with their friends, about the escort girl that they had seen. As more and more clients will talk about yourself, more work you will have and your earnings will increase. You will feel very proud and satisfied. It’s like every other job. If you feel that your work is recognized and rewarded, you will be more motivated.

A professional escort girl keeps her clients

Once you will have a good number of clients, don’t loose them. This is a mistake that many escort girls do. Usually, after a period, escorts get bored. They change the attitude, refuse to do many services, they want to win the same big money, but with less effort. Just to know, this method will not work for a long time. Customers realize very fast your changes. You have to be a good escort girl from the beginning, until the end. Only in this way you will win. My advice is to prove yourself and to everybody else that you can be the best, no matter in what field you are working. Being an escort girl can bring you lot of money. If you see that you are able to earn good, keep going. You must be aware that in escort business, time is precious and youth is in a great demand.

Do whatever you need to keep yourself young longer! I’ll get back to you soon with other advices! Until next time, show everybody that you are the best and that you deserve everything!

How did I become an escort girl? – part 2

As I promised last time, I got back to you to finish my story regarding how did I start to be an escort. I was sitting in front of the computer for a few good hours. I saw a lot of escort agencies, with a lot of girls. I had no idea that so many call girls were doing this job. Maybe for some of you it’s sad, but this is the truth. I met a lot of smart girls, with college diplomas, who couldn’t afford to live a normal life after more than 15 years of study. It’s strange and funny, at the same time, that after 1 hour of sex, you get the salary for one month, or more…it depends!

Escorts get money

Was the same in my case. After one hour spent with my first client, I got the magic envelope…with more money than I ever saw. It was the moment when my mind started to move. I wanted to earn more and more as an escort girl. I wanted to be happy, doesn’t matter how. After many hours of searching, I found an escort agency with a very interesting name. I stopped at that one. I clicked on the CONTACT. I chose to send them an email. I was still little bit shy to call them. It was an escort agency from Budapest. They replied my email after only 30 minutes. I sent them a few normal pictures. They seemed to like me, but they proposed me to go to Budapest for a professional photo shooting. As they told me, pictures are the most important if you want to work as an escort girl.

Escorts need professional pictures

The first contact is always with your picture, and then with you. After not more than two days, I arrived in Budapest. The manager of that agency was a very kind man…I didn’t expect to find so much generosity by someone who is working for an escort agency. He offered me a place where to stay a few days, we talked about this industry, still unknown for me, and he took me to the best photographer. We made an awesome photo shooting. The escort agency manager told me that I will get rich with those photos.

Professional escorts go to tours

For my first tour, we chose Paris, the capital of France. I was very nervous. It was my first travel as an escort girl. We booked a flight ticket and a hotel room, and I prepared myself for my first tour with a real escort agency. I remember it was 23rd july…a hot summer day. Of course I cannot forget when I started my escort career, and when my life changed completely. I arrived in Paris, in a luxury hotel. Wow, I felt like a queen, even if I had only some small money in my pocket. “No problem, this Cinderella will grow fast, she has potential.” I was repeating this to myself all the time.

It was only 4 in the afternoon. The agency announced me that in 1 hour I will have a meeting. I went to take a shower, and I prepared myself to the smallest detail. After 1 hour, my first customer arrived. He was shocked. I cannot deny that I was a very nice lady. Actually, still I am…

Professional escorts have self confidence

In this job, you must trust yourself. You need positive energy. Nobody wants to meet an escort who thinks about herself that she’s not good enough, or that she’s not in the mood, that she has problems, or so on. No, leave all your problems at home. Meet your clients with a smiling face, nice dress, light his desire.

For six days I was full booked. I had so much work, that I had no time even to eat. I was little bit tired, but in the same time, I was very happy thinking about my earnings as a new escort girl in the field. Because it was already Saturday, I wanted to relax a bit. I took some money, and I went to visit a small part of the city. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, as it was my first time outside my country. And, of course, Tower Eiffel it’s a must see.

Escorts, tours, money

Even if it was only my first tour, I started to think about what shall I do with the money. Like everybody, first I’ll buy my own apartment, then a car, and so on. Finally, my dream to have everything in life will become reality. I went back to the hotel. I just entered on the door, and I received a call. It was my roommate. You remember her…the girl who changed my life.

“Hey, sweety! Do you remember your first customer who helped you pay your rent? He wants to meet you again. I’ll give him your phone number, so you can talk with him. Now, it’s yours!”

Wow, I was really happy. If somebody wants to see me again, it means I did a good job. After less than 20minutes, he called me. He proposed me to go with him on a holiday, for a full weekend. He asked me to give him the rate… God, I had no idea how much I deserve for a weekend. I asked him 6000 euro. I was a business woman now, what the hell! He said that it’s ok for him. Until the evening he sent me even the flight ticket and the hotel address.

I was incredible happy. I wanted to be honest and I called my manager from that escort agency. He was happy for me, especially that I was doing a great job on my first tour. My tour was about to finish. It was Saturday night, and I was very tired. I made the calculations with the escort agency. Both of us were happy! Big gain for the both sides! The second day I went back to Budapest. I had to pay to my manager for all the expenses: photos, flight ticket, hotel, and so on. He helped me a lot. I was very happy that I met such a great escort agency. I thought that in this world everybody is bad and cruel. Thank s God, NO! I started to tell him how was my first tour. I was satisfied, and I wanted to go somewhere else. We talked about the next tour. Everything was perfect! I started to see all this thing like a real job! I felt it like this!

How did I become an escort girl? – part 1

I was a teenager…I had no money to pay my bills. My roommate was an older lady, around 36 years old. I didn’t know what was an escort girl, not to mention that I’ve heard bad things about prostitutes. So back to this lady, she looked older because of the cigarettes, and also because of the hard life. She always told me her stories, her problems…she was always stressed, nervous… in a constant fight with her life. She was working in a bar, something small and poor, for ordinary drunks. I was feeling mercy for her, she was a good person in essence. We were apartment mates, she had her own room and I had mine. I was living in a rented place, and I was trying to survive only with the money that I was earning. Was not easy at all, but still it was not my dream to become an escort girl.

How did I become an escort girl

I was a tailor. It was a lot of work to do. My program started at 6 a.m. in the morning and I finished at 8 p.m. in the evening. Most of the times, I was at work until 12 p.m. for some extra money. My mother taught me, that after I finish my school, I need to have a working place, to earn my own money. Who knew that it is so difficult to obtain something in life. I couldn’t accept that lifestyle! So this is how it started for me to become an escort girl!

Escort girl work is “easy”

I also tried to work as a sales person in the market, for very small money. For me it was difficult, I was only a 17 years old. After a while I had no job at all, so I couldn’t afford to pay even the rent for the room. I didn’t want to run back to my parents, I wanted to show them that I am strong enough to make a living alone. One day, my apartment mate came and offered to help me. It s something very easy! She told me…

My first escort girl “work” with a stranger

You just have to meet a guy, and at the end he will give you enough money to pay everything you want, specially the rent. So, come on! Go! What are you waiting for? She proposed me to become an escort girl…She did this before, but she had to stop it because of a health problem. I didn’t know anything about that world, I even didn’t know what was an orgasm neither an escort or an escort girl. I had only two boyfriends until 17 years old. I had no experience at all… The only thing that I knew was that I needed to pay my rent, otherwise I sleep on the street. Without too much thinking, I told her that it s ok. I will go!

My first meeting as a newbie escort girl

I met him in a luxury hotel, somewhere in the city centre. My whole body was trembling! He understood that it was my first time doing this and I had no experience at all. This made him even more horny. He opened a bottle of champagne, and started to kiss me slowly all over my body. With only one movement, he took off my dress. I didn’t know what to do, I was not an escort girl in my mind, just a young, pretty teen! I closed my eyes and left him do everything he wanted. I cannot say that I was scared. He was a nice guy, and for sure I was not his first escort girl. After a while, he asked me to make him a blowjob. What the fuck is this? I told to myself… Sorry, what is this? Suck my dick! He replied…

It was a strong word for me, and in that moment I felt little bit strange. What will everybody think about me? I felt like everybody knows what I was doing. I was a little bit sad that I started to do this because of the money. In the same time, I was thinking about the huge amount that I’ll receive at the end. I started to feel how to be an escort girl. I went down to his dick, and I started to touch it over the pants. I felt it so strong! Something waked up inside me! I took it outside the pants, and started to rub it first slowly, than faster and faster. I put his dick into my mouth and I started to suck it like a real slut. He seemed to enjoy what I was doing! I started to be more confident when I saw his eyes were shining of pleasure. I felt a desire to fuck! I pushed him on the bed, I wanted to dominate him. I took his tasty dick and I put it inside my pussy. We started to fuck like two teenagers. We were about to finish our meeting. He looked at me with a big smile on his face…

Be an escort girl is fun

For your first time, you were not bad at all as an escort girl! For sure I will meet you again, baby! It was a pleasure to have you! Here is your gift…. I took the envelope, to count the money. He gave me more than my roommate told me. I left the hotel more than satisfied.

I never had such a big amount in my pocket. For a few moments, I started to feel stronger. I enjoyed to be an escort girl. I took a taxi, and I went back home. My roommate was waiting for me… So, how was it? I can pay my rent for three months! This was my first sentence…

Good girl! So, you don t have to worry anymore. After a long discussion with her, I went in my room and I started to read about BEING AN ESCORT GIRL… I found even a few escort agencies…I definitely wanted to know more things about this job. I had the feeling that I can change my life…

Wait for the second part of the story! For sure will make you think about BEING AN ESCORT GIRL, also! Kisses!