Weird outcall

Let me tell you about my weird outcall. One time, when I got a call from my escort agency, they just told me I have a client waiting for me at a train station. That was strange I thought, but a client is a client. I got ready, and drove to the station. He was waiting for me there with two tickets in his hands. Oh, my God! He must be crazy enough to take me some place I don’t know…

He said, let’s take the next train, and we discuss the details. Well, what could I say? He was super smiley and kinda cute, so I said ok. The train came, and we jumped up. There were cabins, but not the sleeping ones. The normal 6 seater ones! Oh that’s going to be interesting. He told me his plans… He wanted to have sex with me while the train is in motion and in here! In one of these cabins. The whole essence of the thing was that it is kind of dangerous. If the ticket inspector would see us, or any of the passengers, we would’ve been thrown off it with a huge penalty, or ever they would call the police on us, I assumed.

A strange escort outcall turns into an interesting work

We took the one cabin in the middle, and closed the curtains. He didn’t waste our time. He told me to lift up my dress and pull my string on the side. He was sitting with a hard dick already. I guess he was a pervert in a way, or this was on his bucket list, I don’t know. I sat on him.

The situation was naughty, and I enjoyed it almost as much as he did. During my escort life, this was the first weird outcall I had. Loved it actually. I was riding on his penis as the train was pounding rough. This was so super sexual, that I couldn’t help myself, I was mewling louder, not noticing that people were passing on the foyer! I got a bit worried, but he seemed to enjoy the situation even more! So I carried on. We changed position. I was holding on to the small desk by the window, and he was fucking me from behind, facing back to the door!

Oh wow! Now in this position we wouldn’t even notice if someone would open the door on us! Anyhow, we continued. Someone must have heard something from the inside, because we heard knocking and some laughing teenager voice as they were passing by. He was triggered by these excitements, and short after this, he ejaculated in me. My pussy was soaking wet, from the whole thing. I had to admit to myself, that I am also a kind of pervert.

Callgirl on the train had fun

I wiped myself off and as I finished, the conductor opened the door with a straight face.” Tickets for control!” We gave him our passes, and we both had the same naughty smile on our faces. As he left the cabin, he looked back once more on us, and shook his head… He knew it!

We got off the train, and had a nice dinner close by. Later that night, we took a train back… I leave you in the dirty imagination what happened on the way back 😉

Big kiss! Was a pleasure writing you… Take care all!

Returning clients are the best for escorts

So in today’s escort lesson, we are going to talk about the escorts who have returning clients. Returning clients always are the most thankful ones. Once we build up our own escort brand and we have a good, professional and trustworthy escort agency at our back, clients will get used to the quality services. They love what they get and from time to time, they get back to us and to our escort agencies.

A good escort agency can help to have returning clients

Just like in a good restaurant. If they like what they have got served, they will tip the waiter. Well, here the same thing happens. They like what and how you offered so they want it again and again. Sometimes, they get attached to the escort girl emotionally, and buy them expensive presents in the hope of getting real love back. There are a lot of lonely man out there, who gets attached to the woman they have sexual affairs with. This is one side.

On the other hand, sometimes the escort falls in love or get a bit more attached to the clients. Especially when they are generous, handsome and charming. No wonder. In the world of giving away feelings so easily for money, everyone needs some kind of comfort. Returning clients are reliable and often they can help you out in cases of money shortages or good connections in business or private life. They are like good friends. It’s a win-win situation. A business, what’s beneficial for both sides.

Returning clients can give nice experiences to escort girls

In many cases for travel girls the whole job just doesn’t feel like a work, indeed a vacation on a great location, having a lot of fun, so they forget about their purpose. When you get to know the client, and you are more comfortable and familiar with the situations, things get even more easy, more simple. This is what you all want to aim for.

An easy and familiar, friendly lifestyle, which puts you in a good and stable financial position. Unattached to no one, depending on no one, living the life that many people only dream about. Escorting these men means you have to feel comfortable with them to the fullest. Once they have asked you to join them again and again, means more money to ask for. Your services were great, and they want to have the same. You should always be happy and thankful for that and for yourself. It means you are doing something right!

Trust yourselves, and make them come for more. It’s beneficial for you and for them too. Never forget to be thankful, and not to be too greedy. They sense it, and then it all feels artificial and fake. It all starts with a good escort agency behind you, your professionalism, the client’s willingness and satisfaction, and at last but not least the times you share with the client. Make it unforgettable. Make it something to remember for. For him, and for you. Enjoy your times Girls! Make them come back for more! See you later…

Never look back escort lesson

This lesson is about how not to feel shamed, or regret any of your decisions in your escort life. When a girl decides to make it on her own, and stand firmly on two stable feet, that is already a respectable move. The reason normally is easy. To make more money, with less work. Who wouldn’t want that! It is super boring to stay at one place 8 or more hours at the office, 5 times a week, for ridiculously little money, and take your bosses irritating whimsies. If you already said no for that, and decided you are worth more, take a step towards a better ad easier lifestyle.

When you look for an escort agency, it all get’s rolling. You get a call, for a date outside your country, or maybe a local client wants your pleasure. You are on your way. Don’t look back! It will only make you go crazy. What would have happened if I didn’t make my mind up, or if I didn’t step on this path… Don’t do that. You are there, because you have to experience what you are about to experience. You are there, because you have to be there. The whole picture will only come clear to you, when you at least expect it. You are there. Go forward, and don’t look back. When you do, it is interferes with the great flow you have, and will prevent you from achieving your goals. The universe works this way. Trust yourself, and your capabilities in what you do, and do it with confidence.

Believe in yourself my escorts!

The key is to believe in what you do. If you are keeping this as a secret from your friends, it will make your every day life harder, and your soul heavier. It’s not worth it! If they are your friends, tell them! Tell them your arguments and that you became an escort girl, and just be positive. If they are your real friends, they will understand and accept you as you are. The ones close to you, guaranteed will understand and accept our decision.

About telling it to your parents. Now this one is obviously a more difficult one. They belong to a different generation, where this kind of self expression was never accepted. It is up to you, if you tell them, or not. You know their reaction, and their way towards you. Sex is never an easy topic for elderly people. They act, that they have never done that before. But then again, you never know how you going to act when it is about your own child. This, we cannot judge. One thing is important. It is your life. You have one to make it worth while living. If you feel that this is your way to make easy money, only using your beauty, and sexy behavior, don’t let anyone to stop you.

Sex is part of our living. It is a completely natural instinct. Make good money of it. If you think about earning as much as your friends a month with only an hour work, it is no use to regret anything. Go Girls! Girl power to achieve your dreams!

My escort services in the UK – part 3

So there I was in London, in this pub with my hottie from the afternoon shopping as London escorts should do. We were chatting about many things. What I do in my free time, what’s my favorite food, if I have any pets, many ordinary things, and of course, sex!

London call girls can have interesting conversations

What’s my favorite position, If I come regularly, If I really do enjoy what London escorts do, If I ever fallen in love with any of my clients, if I have any other plans for later, and many more naughty question. So the date was more than cool! I really enjoyed this one. He was so cute, and hot, I couldn’t wait to get in bed with him. London escorts usually are funky and crazy, he said. He told me he was with a couple of them already before, and he never had a boring night. I was happy to hear that, it means, that there are need for London escorts, and London escort girls are professional too.

It gave me an extra confidence about what I want to do in the future, and I want to do it professionally too! I want to be the best of London escorts! As I made up my mind, he asked me if I want to go to some more interesting place, and gave me a naughty wink. I loved that move. So of course, I said yes!

He took me to King’s College, where there was an old roman bath. Apparently we would have needed to pre book the visit, but he has a friend working in there, so we got an insider for us. That was awesome! The whole place was empty. Asked him, if London escorts always getting a special surprise here? He just winked again. This made me so horny for him.

London escort girls can visit romantic places

We got out of our dresses, and went in the pool. We started to kiss each other. Deeper and deeper. I had a feeling, that this is going to be something special. He started to stroke my pussy, and slowly he slipped his fingers in me. I really couldn’t wait to feel his dick inside of me. I started to stroke his penis. It was huge already! I grabbed it really firmly, and pulled it up and down.

All of a sudden, he took me strong, and put me on the side of the pool. He started to lick my pussy. I quickly look around, to make sure, that really nobody is around. The whole pool was dead empty. I could relax finally, and enjoyed it more. Than I leaned on my back, while he penetrated me. He fucked me in the middle of the night, in the middle of the roman pool! What an experience!

Are London sex workers always this lucky to get this special treat from the clients? Probably yes. I have to come back soon to figure it out on my own. After having sex, we sneaked out of the building. He walked me back to the hotel, and said bye, and that he had a great time with me! That was a nice compliment. I went to bed straight after the experience. London escorts are special. I am special. I fall asleep with a smile on my face. Hope you enjoyed my story. Take care, till next…

My escort services in the UK – part 2

So there I was abroad, as a London escort. My hotel was nice. After a light breakfast, I went to the city to look around. When I walked down the street, I headed towards the bus station. I took the one to the shopping street. Oh my God! When I saw the shops, I got off the bus straight away. My luck or not, it was a big sale time. Most of the shopping windows had amazing inviting clothes, bags, and accessories. I couldn’t resist.

I walked in almost to every store. Everything seemed so cheap comparing the money that I will take back home with me. This London escort job came handy – I thought. Just in time for the sale.

London escort work is full of joy

In the mean time, I was waiting stand by with my phone in my hand, not to miss the call from the escort agency. So as I was walking in and out of the shops, I went in to a little café to take a break. I ordered the same as usual. Long coffee with a lot of milk, and no sugar. I sat down by the window, and I was enjoying my second London escort day. Many different character passed by. In my country, we do not dress that brave like here. I was fascinated by this fact. Also saw many guy in a sexy business suit, probably just getting their lunch break, or coffee break.

As I was wondering how much I love being London escort, a guy came up to me, and sat at my table. Can I? He asked. He was handsome, so I said, sure! He was wearing a suit for change. Sexy man in his 30’s. Two days beard, and a bit messy hair. He obviously wanted to chat me up. In the mean time, I kept it in my head, that I must not forget I’m a London sex worker here, so I must stay professional. We chatted for about 15 minutes.

He said, ha needs to go back to the office soon, and I also wanted to continue my shopping phase. We did say we going to have a drink later on in town, and we did change numbers, but I also referred to my purpose here, which he did not get surprised at all. I thought probably many London escort girl must come here, if he is like that. Anyhow. We said bye, and that we see each other later.

London escort work is full of shopping

I continue to walk the streets. I saw an amazing pair of red high heel shoes. I tried them and they had my size. I wanted to wear it tonight, so I bought it. Also bought another black dress, and sexy lingerie to feel hot. I took the bus back to the hotel, and there was my client. I had to meet a client outside, in an Irish pub at 8 p.m.. I got dressed, I was wearing my new things!

I took a taxi to the address, and I got goosebumps, when I saw him. The guy from the coffee! He searched for my escort agency and asked for a London call girl. Obviously, he remembered my name, and they suggested that I was in town. I was so happy, and excited! So I smiled, and walked in with him to the bar.

Come back to read when I tell you guys how it went. My second London escort day with this hottie…

My escort services in the UK – part 1

After my last work, I went back home. It didn’t really take much for my next call. It was my escort agency. They asked me if I would be interested in a trip to the United Kingdom. I couldn’t say no to something like that. A travel always comes handy, to gain some experience, money and a great amount of fun too.

UK escorts can have lot of clients

I have asked my escort agency what I need to know about the market, the unwritten rules, the laws, the habits, the good and the bad experiences from London escorts. Whatever I needed to know, I knew. I bought my ticket, and I got the address for the hotel I was going to stay in. He said, first let’s try it for couple of day, to see how things go, and after we can decide how to continue. I agreed to that. Since I have only been for a porn movie shoot, not for the “London escorts” thing, I didn’t know. I organized the stuff I needed to sort out for home. The usual – my cats, food, and the electricity.

London escorts work in a beautiful city as well

Heading to the airport, my mind was full of the thoughts what London escorts should have. How the situations will be with my clients? How my sexual appetite will be? How is the hotel? How will I dress up for the sessions? How should I act? How long the dates should take? If I should eat before, or not? Did I shave properly? And many more…
London escorts have to smile and be friendly

London escorts have to be fun, fun and fun. The clients probably will come from a very busy lifestyle, they sit around in the office for many hours, and they stressed out. They will need someone who is happy, smiley and fun, who can make them forget about the problems, the jobs, and their bosses.

This is when London escorts come in to picture. These, and many more thoughts come in my mind while I was sitting already on the airplane. I landed. I went to my hotel. It was a nice renewed building next to Hyde Park. My view was nice. This is one of the most important aspects when I choose my hotels. The view. To be able to receive all the nice energy if things are not going exactly my way, or just to fulfill myself with positive income.

London escorts can have easy clients as well

My first client had a booking on the first day at 8 pm at the hotel. I got ready. Had a shower, made my make up and hair nice. I was wearing a sexy black dress. He arrived. Came up in the room, and he did not want to say his real name. It’s ok I said. He also said, that he has not much time, and he excused himself. Well, I didn’t mind. London escorts has to get used to the idea of this busy lifestyle. Not even enough time for fucking! Hardcore. Anyhow.

He made me undress, and put me on the bed, kneeling. He fucked me from behind. Grabbing my tits, and that was it! The whole act lasted for about 20-25 minutes. Not longer. He finished. Hot dressed, and he was in and out within an hour. Easy as is London escorts does it that way? Anyhow I will see in the next couple of days. Stay here for the following days…

My first escort job in Paris – part 3

So I’m in Paris, for the third day, doing some Paris escorts fun. My client asked me out for a date. In Paris hotels, we are not allowed to do escorting, so normally, my escort agency organize the dates outside, or to their place. Of course in some safe hotels Paris escorts have place to work safely. Therefore, we have to be smart and careful.

As we were walking and talking (this is quite new to me, to get to know my fuck buddy) he asked my about Paris escorts. I think he was new in ordering girls. As I was telling him how it works, slowly bit by bit, we were getting closer to the symbol of France, the symbol of love. The Eiffel Tower. He heard that this was my first time here, so he wanted to make it special for me. (How sweet?)

Paris call girl have interesting dates

Oh yes. He was younger than me. I thought some student from one of the universities, but not. He was already an employee at a firm specialized in spectroscopes for chemical tests. He was an engineer. He was cute, and smart. I imagined him in 10 years, I would love to meet him then. So we were at the Eiffel Tower. To see it in real, gave my goosebumps.

He told me he has some connection at the gate, so we didn’t have to wait for the end of the queue. Listening him to speak in French, gave me the idea for later, that I would love him to speak to me like that. Super sexy! We headed up to the top. Half the way with an elevator, the rest we were walking. We were both smiling a lot. I needed a coffee, so there was a little bar at the top, and we sat in there for a little bit. He took pictures of me, and we walked down. I felt my ass got a nice exercise.

I didn’t know where we were going, but he kept telling me that he has another surprise. I couldn’t wait to see. We got off the subway, and there it was. The Moulin Rouge!!! My eyes were in tears. I’m here doing the call girl stuff, and I got to see the most amazing places!

Paris escorts can see nice places

Unfortunately, we could only go inside until the entrance, because they were closed for the afternoon. Never the less, I got the feeling of it’s mysterious, sexy, and dirty atmosphere. I loved it! It put me in a dirty, and sexy mood for later too.

When leaving the place, he asked me if I still wanted to see something, but to be honest, I was so thankful, that I only wanted to give him dirty sex to thank him in my own way. Paris escorts are fun, and crazy!

I said, let’s go to your place. He loved it. His flat was close by. We entered, and I grabbed him. Started to kiss him, and stroke his penis through his jeans. We were out of our clothes in a minute. I put his dick in my mouth and started to suck it hard. Enjoyed it so much, and so as him. I pushed him on the bed, and sit on him. I really fucked him hard. He came so loud, I smiled.

Paris escorts not allowed to do this legally, so I made it out look natural. It felt natural! We hugged each other, and I went back to the hotel.

What an amazing experience, every Paris escorts should have! My first time in Paris, was too good to be true.

My first escort job in Paris – part 2

After leaving this beautiful restaurant as Paris escort, we were heading to another part of the city. It’s called Montmartre. If you haven’t read my story, you can find it here. If Paris is romantic, than this place is unbelievable romantic! The small streets with the nightlights were amazing. He had a flat up there. We walked up on the stairs, and opened the door for me. This didn’t feel like a job for me.

As we entered the room, he started to undress me. Apparently he was so horny for me, he couldn’t wait to get home, but he still played along as a gentleman. He throw me on the bed, and while he was getting out of his clothes, he was madly kissing me, and touching my breast. I didn’t feel like a Paris escort, but a real woman.

Paris sex work is romantic sometimes

I cannot deny, I loved it a lot. I kissed him back. To be a good escort, you have to look elegant, and sexy at the same time, not to get people attention that you might be doing escorting. Independent Paris escorts spend a lot on expensive clothes and beauty stuffs. So in this way of thinking, I was a lady in the bed too. Since this was my (almost) first time doing what a Paris escort has to do, I went with the flow. How I imagined to, seemed great, and just about right. He was just sexing me constantly, while I had all this on my mind.

He did not notice any of my mind travels. Changing our positions to doggy style, so he could penetrate me deep, I had to make some noise. I wondered, how other Paris escort girls do this in the hotels without being suspicious. Anyhow. Shortly he came, I didn’t. Too much thinking, but my client enjoyed it a lot, and that’s the most important element to my part of the job. Make them satisfied, so they call the agency again. We had a shower, and had another glass of wine.

He told me he would be happy, if I would stay over, and we could wake up together. This was strange, but I said yes of course. Normally, they don’t get too attached to the escorts. Also, as a Paris call girl I could ask more money for sleeping together. So we went to sleep.

Paris escort great first experience

The next morning, I woke up before him. Started to dress, when he woke up too. He offered to have breakfast somewhere downstairs at Montmartre, and I happily agreed to that idea. I wanted to see the place in the morning light too. It had really met my expectations. Looked magical. We sat in a little bar, and ordered a croissant, and some coffee.

He asked me about my plans for later, but I just knew, I had to wait for the escort agency to call, to give me the schedule for the rest of the day. After breakfast, he called a cab for me, and we said bye. The first independent Paris escorts experience ended up romantic, and fun. In the taxi, I already received a call from the booker about my client for tonight.

Arriving to the hotel, I showered, rested a bit, and got ready with my hair and make up for the date. I went outside, and he waited for me just around the corner.

I introduced myself, so as he, and we stared to take a walk. … an other interesting Paris escort experience seemed to develop here. Stay here for the rest…

My first escort job in Paris – part 1

It happened once, that my escort agency called me if I would like to go to Paris for a week, for an escort job. They also told me that I have to be careful working as one of the escorts in Paris, because it is not fully legal to work there like that.

They told me what I will need to bring with me, and the time I should stay there. This escort agency promotes me in Paris for free, which is great. I could get a lot of bookings through them. Therefore, I have to pay for my Paris hotels and plane ticket, but usually it’s not more than 1000-1500 euros, which comes back easily. In this matter, they choose safe Paris hotels, and they make the bookings for me.

Escorts in Paris work in a beautiful city

Paris escort girls are lucky to work in such a beautiful city as is. It’s the city of love! Full of amazing things to see… The Moulin Rouge, is the most magical and mysterious place on Earth for me. It has it’s own secrets, and stories to tell. I have always wanted to visit and never dared to work there. It is a super romantic place. Paris escorts are really exceptional in the world of the many escort agency girls. It has something special in it. I was about to experience it on my own skin. Finally.
Escorts in Paris have elegant circumstances

The day arrived. I was excited at the airport already. The stewardesses were elegant, with a French accent. I love it. The plane was there in about 2 hours. I took a fast train to the center, then a taxi outside to my secret hotel. Paris hotels are beautiful and elegant. Even the plain ones. So after arriving to the location, I checked in. I was careful with my outfit, because they shouldn’t have realized, I was about to do some Paris escorts stuff. I went to my room. It had a nice little bathroom, and a small terrace with a view to a romantic garden.

Escorts in Paris should work with professional escort agencies

The escort agency takes care of my clients, and jobs. They receive the calls first, than they forward the schedule to me. So this is how happened this time too. Got a call from my agency, that I have to be ready by 7 pm for a client. He will wait for me in a cab outside of my hotel. So this is how French escorts do? – I thought. Ok. I was ready, and he was there exactly at 7 pm in front of the entrance. I got in. He was a man in his forties. I introduced myself, so as he. He seemed polite, and friendly. He said, he doesn’t usually take escort girls out, but this time it was a special case for him.

Escorts in Paris may go to nice restaurants as well

We went to a nice restaurant in the center. I was a bit hungry, so I was happy for this stop. We got the table. Started to chat next to a nice glass of red wine. We talked about everything. I was really surprised how gentleman he was. The dinner was great. So as the vine. After that, he asked me if I would mind going to his place? At first I was worried a little, but then again, why not. Im an adult, one of the escorts in Paris. This is what I had to do. He called a taxi, and we left downtown…

Stay here, to hear to rest of my story. Till next. Bye

Mature escorts

In this lesson, we are going to talk about mature escorts. Escorts over 30. If you are not the youngest in this business, don’t get frustrated. There is life after 30! Indeed! There are many clients, who has mother complex, or just simply likes women who are dominant, or more dominant than them. They like to be directed, and ruled by them. Most of the cases, it comes from their childhood. I’m not here to be the psychologist, but that’s a fact. The root cause is always the cases of lack of love. So mature escorts have a great opportunity!

Mature escorts are experienced

So what you need to give them is power, and a lot of love. Being one of the mature escorts or MILFs over 30, you have just enough of life experience, to know what you have to do. When meeting a client younger than you, and you realize, that he needs a mature escort, you have to treat him somewhat like he is your little boy. Someone, who had a bad day at school, and needs pampering, comfort, and love from you. Be always very kind, sweet, but determinate. He has to feel, that he can count on you, and you are there for him no matter what. When going out to a restaurant, make him feel, that you are taking him out. Sometimes they like you to sort out the bill as well, obviously you charge him later for that too. Just for the feeling of it. Mature escorts are caring.

Mature escorts are usually caring and dominant

You can make the order for him too, or ask about the vine, to decide what you having for dinner. It is sound strange, but this is how they desired to feel. This is what they have been missing from their life. A carrying mother. A real woman. So you give them what they want. That’s why you are one of the mature escorts. They want to look up to you! Be proud of you! Talk about your goals, and things you have reached in your life. Always be emphatic about your things. That will make him look up to you!

Mature escorts rule in the bed

During sex, they want to feel dominated by you. An escort over 30 can give them exactly what they want. Make foreplay long, and enjoy it too. Give extra attention to his penis! Stroke him constantly, to make him comfortable. Usually these boys are insecure about themselves. So its necessary to praise them as often as you can. On your comment, you will feel, that they are more relaxed, and comforted by you. This is what they need. Mature escorts now this. You have to be the leader during sexual intercourse. You have to do most of the job. There are many different type of client. This is neither of an exception. When blessing them, look them into their eyes, and sound crediting.

If you do great as a mature escort, you will see the positive outcome, the positive results straight away in their way of releasing their complexes, fears, and uncertainties. When kissing them, use both of your hands to hold their head. Don’t forget… They are your little sons. When you do good as an escort over 30, the reward wont be missed.

Enjoy being one of the professional mature escorts! It can be fun too!