Massage with one masseuse :

  • 300 ron / 70 eur – 60 minutes
  • 450 ron / 100 eur – 90 minutes


Massage with two masseuses :

  • 450 ron / 100 eur – 60 minutes
  • 650 ron / 150 eur – 90 minutes



The erotic massage :

The erotic massage is primarily one of the most controversial forms of massage existing over time. The erotic massage is the massage during which, our masseuses will focus on your erogenous zones.

The erotic massage … an unconventional massage … a pure experience of stimulation of the sexual senses, is the perfect prelude to entering into an erotic atmosphere.

During a massage session, you can indulge, and if it gets deeper, there is no limit to reach a higher level.

A massage session can not be replaced by any other type of massage because the erotic massage in Bucharest will take you to a stage where you will simply fall in a trance, relaxed physical and mental, free from stress and rejuvenated.

Among the benefits of the erotic massage we mention some : stress relief, anxiety treatment, it also helps in treating premature ejaculation, stimulates libido, relaxes muscles and strengthens the heart and other organs of the body.

The lingam massage represents the massage of penis. In the teachings of tantra, it is believed that the nerve endings in the penis or lingam are in communication with other parts of the body, and any problem can be solved with a massage that brings not only pleasure but also healing effect. Lingam massage is experiencing a state of complete freedom and relaxation. The way to climax becomes more important than climax.

You really need to come to try an erotic massage or a Bucharest escort … is wonderful to be touched … to be started … to feel every cell of your body that is vibrating of sexual energy and pleasure.


The double massage :

If you wish to be pampered by two beautiful girl masseuses at the same time … dream of every man … well now your dream can come true.

Our erotic massage salon makes this dream come true … you will feel like in seventh heaven with two girls chosen by you, and you will enjoy the massage in an absolute harmony.

You will feel how every part of your body will be thankful and you will not forget for weeks the sensation of pleasure.


Couple massage :

We make the following recommendation: feed your relationship and expand the horizons. Stops voyeuristic desires, or join your partner so you can simultaneously enjoy the company of our ladies, specially trained to offer moments of ecstasy.

We do mention that this service is customized to fit the unique desires and comfort level of each couple separately, so your session will become as unique as your relationship. Please do inform your chosen masseuses, any special requests that you or your partner have, before starting the massage session.

We recommend couples massage, to all couples who want to spend time with their partner in a special erotic atmosphere, which will help in case they want to spice up the relationship. Together with two stunning girls that you can choose and with your partner, the four can treat each other and will let themselves carried in yet unsuspected erotic spheres.

Guests who should try this massage are people that are not jealous.